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We have been supplying Carlisle with sweet treats since 1984. Our introduction into this business started with the Downtown Carlisle Farmers Market.

Our first product was whole wheat bread that Mom had been making for the family for years. We tended market on Saturday mornings. All six of the children were involved in getting the work done, from tending market, to picking raspberries or seeding cherries.

The Early Years

The Early Years

It has been a rewarding but time-consuming business as we try to harvest as much local fruit as possible. The season starts with strawberries, moves to raspberries, then cherries, peaches, and finally pumpkins. We work with fresh, local apples from August until we run out of them the following spring.

The business was soon too big for the family kitchen and we converted one whole part of the home into a bakery. We were delivering baked goods to several fruit and meat markets while tending market at two locations.

Late in 2004 the business was affected by family health issues. We had to limit how much work we could take on. By 2010, first one and then another of the daughters decided to spend the time to develop the business into what it is today.

Our days always begin early and sometimes continue into the night. One of the busiest seasons is apple dumpling time in September and October. Some weeks we peel and use more than twenty bushels.

The business today has grown too large for our home. In August of 2014 we plan to move into larger quarters. We continue to tend the farmers markets that we are part of and to make deliveries to the Country Butcher Shop.

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51 S Orange Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

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Monday - Friday
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Phone:  717-218-5258

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